Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Top 10 reasons why Sindhi's rock

You must have often noticed in Indian Films that a Sindhi character will be a comical one. They will often be shown to be miser, business minded and selfish. For entertainment, it may be fine. However, the Sindhi community in reality is large-hearted, full of love, appreciation and believes in living like a family.

Here, I bring you top 10 reasons why we Sindhis are very awesome friends to be:

1.     We believe in hard work:

You may not see us waking up at 8 o’clock in the morning or opening our shops or reaching office by 9:30 am. Still, we work hard – we may open our business at 10 am but we work until 11 pm too. You may not find any other shop remaining open by then. However, a Sindhi's shop will be found open. We are there when you need us!

2.    Call us in wee hours of 3 am or 10 pm, we are there:

Unlike other people, who have ‘timings’, Sindhis do not believe in that. If it is our relative or friend or even a foe, who gives us call at bizarre hours – we will put everything aside to help them.

3.    We are modern yet religious

You would find no Sindhi who does not have fashion sense. We are born with that! However, that does not stop us from being religious. When it is religious call or celebration, we all will flock in simple clothes and indulge in ‘Bhakti.’ We accept modernism without forgetting our roots.

4.    Family matters to us:

Normally, you will see us (young generation) chilling out with friends. But, we chill by keeping family values alive. And, when it is family time, it is family time – we would put off everything and anything for family.

5.    We are not miser but smart:

Being a business class community, Sindhis spend money where there is a scope of profit. So, we are not miser, we just know where, when and how to invest, which gives us maximum benefits.

6.    We believe in brotherhood:

No Sindhi festival is complete without music, dance, food, and fun. When it is a marriage, we all dance to tunes till late night and make a point everyone participates. We do not believe in doing things alone but partying with all fellow people.

7.    Being born as a Sindhi girl (Niyani) is a luck:

It is said that a Sindhi girl is the luckiest girl of all. We may force her to abide by certain rules but we definitely give her a lot of love and respect. Wherever she is, she will be loved, cared, and blessed by all. Being a Sindhi myself, I can safely say that I am one of the luckiest persons in the world. My wish is my family’s command!

8.    We do not necessarily depend on Papad every time:

The first question anyone asks a Sindhi is, “Do you eat Papad?” Arre…bhai…Sindhi Sai…Papad Khayin – is a best phrase describing us. However, it does not mean that we do not have anything else to eat. Papad is a compulsory accompaniment but not all Sindhis eat it.

9.    We are a food lovers' community:

You would not find any Sindhi, who does not love to eat. Every Sindhi is born with an appetite, which craves for rich food. Come and have a meal with Sindhi family, you will surely be fed with most scrumptious dishes tasted ever.

10.  Sindhis are business people:

Yes. There is no doubt in that. We are born with business skills and we do not require any ‘degree’ to engrave us as business community.

We Sindhi's are not miser, we believe in spending wisely. Born a Sindhi, always a Sindhi!


sonu said...

Hi Nikita...being a sindhi myself, I enjoyed reading your post on why Sindhis rock. I saw your comment on Tejal's 'experiment' post. I live in the US. Originally from Portland, OR. Recently moved to Las Vegas. Stay in touch if you wish. Sonu Mitts ( Daryani). Sonumitts@gmail.com. Best wishes....Sonu

Nikita Dudani said...

Hi Sonu... Thank You for your words of appreciation. Keep looking my space as I am working on some other Sindhi articles too. And yes, we will stay in touch - nikitadudani@gmail.com

Rakesh Lakhani said...

Language is one of the crucial part of any community - If we loose language we loose identity and with the loss of identity we are likely to loose our sindhiness or what people call Sindhyet
Unfortunately such issue have never been our priority.......

Gaurav Bhagwanani said...

The post is awesome... even more proud than earlier to be a Sindhi 😎

Gaurav Bhagwanani said...

The post is awesome... even more proud than earlier to be a Sindhi 😎

Gaurav Bhagwanani said...

The post is awesome... even more proud than earlier to be a Sindhi 😎

Nikita Dudani said...

Thank You Gaurav!


A real analysis about Sindhis. Thanks. I am proud being a Sindhi and an Indian.

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