Wednesday, September 24, 2014

From the eyes of a space fan...

Space have always interested me. There was a time when nothing more than space was important to me. But whatever you dream comes true - that is not guaranteed!

So, whenever there is anything related to space, it has all my eyes and ears. And today, being an extremely proud moment for every Indian, I take pride in the successful launch of MOM or Mangalyaan.

Yes, it is a great achievement and indeed a time to celebrate. But as I sit in my room thinking about it, these are the various thoughts that cross my mind:

"I am a common girl with a close knit circle. I do not know half of the world and they don't know me. But the common factors that bind us together are space, soil, nature and water. And when any part of the world achieves something, all these factors bring us closer.

Being a space fan and freak, it is more than a proud moment. The world may have woken up with the news but I felt the emotions that all brilliant brains behind this would be feeling.

I feel great joy rushing through me as I know that they have working hard on this mission since last year. It could be more than that.... but the success is easing off the tension and stress. I can feel it too.

Being a common girl, I may never step into ISRO and meet the scientists behind this mission but I thank them and their families for makin the entire nation proud. I thank them for providing India with one more historical achievement.

I will never be able to see the space, the universe as do but living a dream of doing 'aeronautical engineering' someday still thrives in my heart. Everytime when I look up at the sky, it stupifies me. And from now when I will look up, I will beam with pride that so what if I could not live my dream at least other scientists are making it come true for me. Because I know mangalyaan lays there- sectrely happy to be so famous.

Yes... we are proud... we are happy... we are celebrating... because we have once again proved what Indians can do. We may be snake charmer and mystical country but we are far more capable and talented. If only Indians realise their true worth, we won't be far from ruling the globe, with our achievements.

So, today, this common girl raises a toast to all the scientists and congratulate them for our success. And hope many more come our way.

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