Chapter 13 – Down the Train

The next chapter intertwined with the tale weaved by the Team Supernova

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“Jennifer, are you alright?” asked Shekhar.

“Did you found him?” Cyrus investigated.

“Yes. Yes…” Jennifer’s face regained color as she showed the picture of the unknown stranger to both of them.

“Who is he?” Cyrus asked, “He appears familiar but I do not remember knowing him.”

“He is Aryan Ahuja, my Lonavala neighbor”, a startled Shekhar spoke.

“WHAT?” Jennifer and Cyrus simultaneously asked.

“What is your neighbor doing in this party?” Cyrus was the first to register things.

“How would I know?”

“Is this some kind of merry-go-round. Our neighbors and friends happen to be in a same place and now, we three unknown person are here, hijacked in this freaking train,” an angry Jennifer exclaimed.

“I remember him. His bungalow was next to mine. However, Tara and I hardly saw him or spoke to him, we knew him to be a good person. It was generally Sunday, when we use to see him. A rather cheerful person. Within our neighbor, he was a man of respect. He had two business under him – Ahuja Sarees & Dresses and Ahuja Accessories.

Never had we heard any complaints and I wonder what he was doing in a party like that.”

“Yes. Yes. I remember now,” Cyrus said. “In the party while I was noting down the essentials of Xombie group, someone touched me from behind when I started to leave. As I turned, I saw him. I thought him to be either half-drunk or drugged. It was not obvious for a man like him to be tipsy within some shots. I sensed something fishy but I was too busy with the newly found information that I did not bother to look at him.

All I remember him saying was, “Hey you – are you a writer? Can you include me in your writing? I will be of great help in future.” And then he laughed.”

“Quite weird,” Jennifer said.

In all this, none of them noticed how frightened and pale Shekhar was becoming. First, his daughter survives a kidnap, then his wife an accident, then he is hijacked following the revelation of Home minister hand in this and now, Mr. Aryan Ahuja – a man whom he had thought to be noble.

The train whistled and the three of them looked at their watch, the 6th hour of their journey just passed by.  10 more hours, will they survive? Each one thought, will the other two pass on the information. Was it wise to do so and put entire nation into threat or was it call to be unsung heroes?

They thought as the train raced through the railway track towards a destination – really?

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