Monday, July 7, 2014

When Ariel landed on

Our Ariel, the little mermaid and water princess was tired of living underwater. So one day she decided to venture into human world and do the most girly thing – shopping.

Once getting a proper human body, especially legs, Ariel stunned the entire men clan with her beauty. The constant stare by boys made her heart skip a beat from fear of unknown world. Being new to environment around her, she got confused in carrying out her dream of shopping like humans. Saddened, she quietly sat in the nearest park and kept thinking when I walked past by her.

Seeing my Disney princess distressed, I quietly asked her about her problem. On knowing her wish to do shopping and her fear that she inhaled by stares, I took her to my home. 

After chatting for a while, I asked her if she still wanted to go for shopping. Her large, beautiful eyes filled with tears and she said, ‘I want to explore but I am afraid of Humans and the way they stare at me.’

“Is that so? Then, you need worry as you can always opt for online shopping,” I suggested.
“How and what is online shopping?” Ariel looked surprised.

I explained her about online shopping, watching her eyes filling with joy and hope. Before I could finish my explanation, the little mermaid joyfully asked, “Can I do it? Will you help me?”

“Of course,” I replied.

“Then, let us begin. But, from where? You said that there many online portals.”

I smiled at her innocence and told her, “Yes there are many online portals but, the best is”

“How is it different from others?” she asked.

“Well, Ariel, you see, is perfect online shopping destination. You get awesome deals, latest fashion trending clothes and best brands in one place. You can even shop for your house decor, buy gifts and send them to your friend’s place directly and do lot of exciting things.”

 It thrilled Ariel as I explained her benefits of Baggout. Her facial expression showed her curiosity and excitement to try this human experience. Without wasting any more time, I grabbed my laptop and connected Ariel to

“I need to have an account in order to shop. I live underwater so how can I do that?” saying this, her eyes went watery again.

“Relax. I have my account on you can shop from my account after all you are my favorite princess and now, we are friends, remember,” I said by patting her back.

“O! You are indeed very kind friend. I have never seen any human with such generosity before. I have always seen them capturing us” she said, filled with gratitude.

“Hang one. We will discuss this later. Let us start shopping first.”

“O ya, my only motive to come on human land” Ariel winked.

“I will get cups of coffee to go with,” as I went and came back with coffees, kicking off a beautiful journey within through which Ariel fulfilled her long-lasting dream of shopping!

Ariel brought the pretty dresses/gowns, net sarees, anarkali suits etc., for herself. She also brought some pretty cushion covers, bed sheets and window curtains to decorate her dream room and some to gift to her dad. She even took pair of jeans, dresses, tops and kurtis for her friends back home. She was loaded with gifts when she decided to return to her water kingdom, promising to come back again and meet me.

I bade her farewell knowing that I now have a good friend who lives underwater.

Disclaimer: This story has been written as part of competition going on The topic was  "Choose any interesting personality and write about his/her hypothetical experience of Shopping through Baggout." The character could be politician, comedian, bollywood star or cartoon character. Hence, the views presented in the story are completely an original work of fiction and does not relate to any human's real experience, dead or alive. 


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