Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Black is Eternal, Black is Beauty, I love Black, 'Coz it makes me a Celebrity

Black in older days was not a preferred color as it was considered inauspicious, gloomy and was associated with supernatural spirits. But, when era changed, the old belief went to bay and black sprang up to be one of the most happening and hot color.

It is a color, which can change your personality in seconds. The benefits of having ‘black’ in your life are innumerable. They suit every style, dress, code and never get dirty easily. You can never flaunt other colors in the same way as you flaunt black.

For me, black is eternal color. It reflects my personality and soul and proves to be right every time. Though, I have various black clothes, heels, makeup, jewelry and of course my hair, there are other black things I carve for. 

"Black is eternal,
Black is beauty,
I love Black,
'Coz it makes me a Celebrity."

Disclaimer: This post is written exclusive for the #WHATTHEBLACK (http://whattheblack.blogadda.com/) competition running on www.blogadda.com. Hence, the post is fun, interesting and intriguing to read. Do leave your comments. 

The top 5 ‘black’ things on my wish list are:

 Ø  Black Magic

No my dear readers, I do not worship supernatural beings and neither I am involved in doing black magic. However, Black magic is on my wish list, as I always want to experience to have such kind of power that can revolve world for you. Imagine, you can even rule the world. And, it is not necessary to use it for bad things. It is up to an individual how they use it. And, well me, let us keep that a secret!

 Ø  Black candles

Candles have always appealed to me. Since I was a kid, I had this very ahbit of collecting colorful candles. Even after trying very hard, I could not land on black candles. Therefore, it remains on my wish list. So if anyone knows, where I can get it from, do tell me. And, yes, I would prefer scented ones.

 Ø  Black Revolver

Seeing the conditions of girls in today’s world, even I am sometimes worried to go out. I believe that self-defense is an art that every lady should know and hence, I hope of owning a black revolver. I bet there would not be anything much classy and sexy as black revolver. Of course, I want to own it legally and I am trying everything to get a license for it.

 Ø  Black crow

Now, black crow makes its way in my list because I associate it with Damon. Those who do not know who Damon is, kindly Google it. A hint for searching him will be that he is not a real character but a fiction. He is a guy from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ where he plays a vampire who can turn into a crow. So, I hope to have a meet a black crow in hope that it can turn into Damon one day and I can live happily ever after.

 Ø  Black iPad

iPad has been on my wish list for long. I was trying all the means to get it, as I wanted it to be an effort of my own and not a gift from my family or friends. So, when Blogadda came up with this superb competition, I was thrilled, seeing my wish coming true. I do not know what will be the results of this competition but I hope I win. And, winning an iPad will be like having graphics in your hand. The sleek and classy feeling you get when you have an iPad is a feeling, which words cannot suffice.


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