Chapter 24 - She is a Super Woman

A thriller weaved by Team Supernova

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Tara and Ahuja rushed towards Roohi’s room. The noise and shriek was enough to shake them up. Once inside, they saw Roohi sitting and smiling her head out of window.

“Roohi? Are you alright?” Tara asked her hurriedly as she moves towards her. “What are you doing near window?”

“I was getting bored Mama. I sneaked out but you and that uncle…” she pointed her finger toward Ahuja “were talking. So I came in. Then, I got bored of waiting and I saw your box lying over there and found some papers in it.” She moved her fingers to a steel box that laid opened.

“That. That had Xom….” Tara dropped her sentence as she realized that her daughter accidentely tampered with Xombie papers. But, Ahuja was smart enough to pick it up.

Thinking that snatching papers from a child from a child would be easy so he moved towards her and said, “And, my little girl took papers to play with. Such a sweet child you are. Hand the papers to me child. I was discussing about same with your mother.”

“That… I cannot.” Roohi fumbled.

Ahuja face frowned as he inquired, “Why?”

“Because I made paper planes from it and flew out of the window…” she turned her face towards Tara and continued“,But, there was something lying on the shelter of my window mama. It fell down so loud that all my planes slipped from my hand.”

“What… you little devil… you idiot…” Ahuja started shouting and banging while it was too much to take for Tara who stared blankly around. She could not understand how she would react. Her hard work was lost. And, that too from her own daughter. Now, Ahuja would not leave her or Roohi alive. All these questions swarmed her and made her motionless.

Ahuja who was in fit of anger dashed out from the room as his mind went blank. All his and his team efforts will go waste just because a stupidity of a child. The fact that he would lose everything stopped his brain from making an effective move.

Inside, Roohi hugged Tara and giggled while Tara held her close. That moment made Tara realize how important Roohi and Shekhar were to her. In her busy career life, she never had time to sit with them or play with Roohi and now in a time of crisis, she felt guilty of not being able to do so.

She hugged Roohi back as tears wailed down her eyes. The only documents that could have saved Shekhar were now laid on the road in an unrecognizable form. It was no use of getting the paper planes back as Tara knew Roohi. She must have painted or drew on them before using them.

Outside the room, Ahuja tried to keep calm. He wandered what he should do. Was this the end? He thought and dialed up the Kingmaker. His voice boomed loudly and Tara and Roohi could hear him shouting.

“That Kid… she is a devil. She made paper planes and now it is no use to have them or their husband alive.”

“You fool. You could not get a simple thing done. You should have tortured that woman and threatened her daughter. What am I supposed to do now?” Kingmaker spoke back. “Hold on. Are you sure that those were the real papers? Do not underestimate the daughter of Tara and Shekar. Playing over smart is in their blood. Go down and check those papers.” He ordered Ahuja
“Are you sure? How can I leave them here and go alone?”

“Lock them and run. Do not waste time. You better bring some good news.”

The door slammed and Tara rushed out hoping to see if the door was open. But, hard luck.

Roohi came rushing in and spoke, “Let us run mamma.”

Tara was puzzled and asked her, “Why?”

“Because those were not real papers. I think that bad uncle has gone to search it. He will know and then he will once again shout on you. I do not like him and that is why I did all this so we can get rid of him.”

Tara hugged her daughter not knowing to be proud or simply enjoy the moment. “But, where are the real papers then?”

“Mamma, I have hidden them in my teddy bear. Remember daddy had brought this and told that it had a secret hiding place.” Roohi exclaimed with joy.

Tara brain worked fast. It was her only chance to get alive now. Ahuja will soon back knowing the reality. She ran towards her kitchen and stuffed her socks with some pen knives and grabbed Roohi’s teddy bear. “Here. Take care of this. Do not let anyone touch it, even not me. Just hand it over to your daddy. He knows the best.”

She positioned herself behind the door and Roohi next to her, waiting for Ahuja to return.
Ahuja paced angrily knowing that he had been tricked. He flung the door open and saw no one. He curiously moved towards the kitchen and Bang…

Tara hit him on his had hard with a flowerpot. She kicked him so that he would remain unconscious. Then, she hurriedly raced out of her safe house with Roohi and Teddy bear and locked Ahuja in. She swiftly changed the password of the security system of the house so he stays where he is.

Tara was now on the helipad and she shuffled Roohi and her teddy bear in. She took up the driving seats thinking, “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be”.

The helicopter engine started and she knew the only safe place where no one can reach her even if they knew about it. “Mamma where are we going?”

“To meet Daddy.”

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