Friday, February 21, 2014

It’s all about winning, sweetheart

Winning is a complex word. From childhood, we are habituated to associate winning to glory, fame, money, status – but do winning really mean these aspects?

If yes, then what about the people who win hearts, capture our soul and are in best regards of everyone?

As, I sit down to write what ‘winning’ means to me for ‘Winning for India Today Conclave 2014’ contest, I am occupied with all sorts of glam things, success, measures to achieve it and how to make this post ‘best’ among the others. However, as I close my eyes and let my mind wander – I realize that winning may not necessarily mean to achieve acknowledgment globally. You can win in small things too.

For a 23 year old girl, belonging to urban middle class family – winning is not conjoined with acquiring worldly pleasures; though secretly I might dream of it. Quite similarly, to girls of my age, I too dream of simple life, filled with loving family members, huge friends group and lot of parties.  In addition, I consider myself lucky enough to get all of it.

Still, these things have not been with me since the beginning. It took lot of challenges, problems, time, patience, love and care to achieve them. I love socializing and partying – and for me, making a circle of group was completely impossible a few years back.

Until my school, I have been a girl who was a frog into the well. The college was a ‘blessing in disguise’ for me. With help, acceptance from my classmates, seniors, and professors coupled with my courage and undying hope and faith – I slowly improve myself. I grew as a person, my strength was motivated, and my hard work was appreciated and continues to be so. With little give and take, I achieved a lifestyle, I grew dreaming to have.

Today, I have a big circle of friends – who clap hands on my achievements and criticize me when I am wrong but never, leave my side. The constant love from my family serve as backbone in everything I do and believe.

This, I believe to be ‘winning.’ I won not only a life I wanted but love and respect of my family, relatives, friends and neighbors as I kept climbing the stairs. No fights are won with ease, but after being at a place and height – those obstacles just stay there as a justification of my trial.

So, for me ‘winning’ for certainly means to achieve what you desire!

-Nikita Dudani

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