Sunday, January 26, 2014

Some thoughts on 26th January

Today is Sunday. However, it is 26th January 2014 too. Yes, your guess is right! Today, it is also Republic day. A day when our constitution was formed, when rules for society were laid down. Yes, it is ‘that’ iconic day, which changed and molds our lives.

Hence, it calls for celebration. But wait, celebration – of what I ask? Yes, we did achieve freedom. We become a democratic country but are any of those rules followed out? As citizens and as government are we functioning as per mandatory rules?

Today, when I go out, I see rash driving. Youngsters below the age, driving and no one are there to catch them. People zip and zoom out when signals are closed. Nearly every day newspapers are filled with news of rape, murder, theft, child labor etc. midst all this scenarios, can we say that we follow constitution?

We would easily poke nose in other matters but when it comes to us – we all become diplomatic. We all want perfect house, kids, spouse, life, money and job. But, we are certainly not willing to help poor. The division of money today is such that a poor is getting poorer and a rich getting richer.

Definitely, these facts are noticed and you all will agree with them. Hence, I want to just ask why should we celebrate Republic day and Independence day when we all are corrupt in one way or the other? We all quest for wealth, fame and power just to be better than our neighbors or friends or to simply rule.

To mend things in our favour, we won’t hesitate from telling lies, going on ‘wrong’ way or anything that works. We are ready to embrace tension, stress, overload, illness but we are not prepared to love, spread warmth, compassion and humanity.

Schools and colleges have organized programmes, there are sales going on especially for today – which means that we remember how great our country is only on 26th January and 15th August? Tomorrow, I can guarantee that people will stepping on flags spread all over. That flag which is our pride, the reason we are here – goes to mud after the programmes are over. And, we just don’t bother! How can we? When we have so many important things like office, business, housework, gossiping, dating etc to do.

This saddens me a lot. I may not be the perfect citizen, but I certainly do not need specific dates to prove and remind me that I am an INDIAN! I am thankful that I am an Indian. A citizen with so many varied cultures to see, experience and taste. The sands of deserts, the hills in north, the beautiful falls and greenery in south, to extremely beautiful scenery elements in east and the Rann in west – there is so much to see that even one life is short.

But, then there is a saying in Hindi, “dul ke dhol suhane lagate hain” (far sighted scenes are better) and in English, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” We do not value our country as much ought to.

Still, these are just random thoughts that come across my mind whenever national holidays come up. And , I sincerely hope that one day we all will realize and give INDIA its due importance.

Happy Republic Day
Jai Hind!


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