Wednesday, January 22, 2014

From an eye of a foodie!

We all have heard about book lovers, cinema lovers, vintage lovers, bike lovers, car lovers and shopping lovers (shopaholics). Making its way; rather frantically, are food lovers! Food is what; which keeps and connects people irrespective of their background. The rise of entire community of food lovers is a recent development, which, was not there few years ago.

Ahmedabad – the most important industrial hub of Gujarat, India, also have a huge number of food lovers – also called foodies! From the seven star restaurants to highway dhabas to local lowries, weekends of Amdavadis is packed. Ahmedabad truly comes alive on weekends; you can see people flocking on every new, old or famous food joints – a strong reason behind the rapid mushrooming of eatery.

Be it a frappe from ‘The Chocolate Room’ or a cold coco at ‘Shmabhu’s’ or Pav Bhaji from ‘local lowrie’ – food is becoming a religion, a base for new friendships, relations and business.

Between all the food lovers and their trial and quest for searching new outlets came in ‘Tummy Rats’; an online site by team City Shor. This site allowed users to upload pictures of food eaten at various joints. The network started. People began uploading, liking, sharing and commenting on pictures from various users.

In October 2013, Tummy Rats came up with a ‘foodie group’ on Whatsapp and invitations were sent to selected and true ‘foodies’ all over Ahmedabad. Messages poured in and soon a group of foodies was formed. Casual ‘hello’ and ‘hi’ grew into a bond and a first ever-formal get together– which was not formal - was oragnised at ‘Goodies café’ in October 2013 by City Shor founders.

The meet had footsteps of more than 15 people that were completely unknown before. Everyone knew each other by names. Random sittings, formal introduction flowed in courted by scrumptious food. The proprietors of Goodies café were warm and friendly and helped in selecting dishes. Over drinks and different dishes such as pizza, pasta, non-vegetarian and egg recipes – the time blew off.

After being acquainted to one another, the talks increased within group and the curiosity of knowing more foodies grew – that made other foodies reunion happen on 10th November 2013 at ‘Pepperazzi’ restaurant. The second official meet encapsulated some known and some new faces. The known of course, were freely conversing along with unlimited lunch. From the soup in a bread bowl, to Kebab starters to pastas, to main course of panner, mix veg, roti, rice and dal to desert of brownie with ice cream – the meet included gossips, snaps and other exciting stories of food. Many foodies were cooks too sharing anecdote or tips, some had recently returned from trip and were sharing their experiences while some were just enjoying the beauty and taste of food.

By now, foodie group was like another home for all. Filled with sharing, caring, love, laughter, sadness, cries, and fights but held together with bond of food – the cycle went on. It was then decided and declared that this first ever foodie group of Ahmedabad will meet on every second Saturday of each month.

The next meet was scheduled and organized by founders of City Shor for 14th December, 2013 at ‘VarieTea.’ This meeting was huge. More than 20 people joined. The popularity of foodie group that began with a small niche and expanded into a new family was remarkable. Foodies were so engrossed in this meet that the order items lacked attention. Nevertheless, foodies being foodies enjoyed every bite with a friendlier ambiance and the award ceremony hosted by founders to declare who will wear which crown.

The recent meet was held on 11th January 2014 at ‘MAA Restaurant’ that was once again flooded with new foodies. This time, new faces were more prominent as Tummy Rats went into an app from a group. The app worked as an added effect for the foodies. Not limiting itself to Ahmedabad only, the meet and foodies went into areas and region outside Gujarat. On an unlimited buffet, foodies were treated with green minestrom/Haria soup, Kebab, springroll, panner sabzi, kofta, roti, dal, rice and ice cream.

The amazing fact from the first meet to recent is that many tiny get together have happened. Many smaller and personal groups also were established. This group brought like-minded people together – who love food! The credit for all this of course, goes to the founders of City Shor who took the initiative to bring the foodies of Ahmedabad together.

Wishing that the group grows and will keep you posted about its development. To contact or to be part of the group, you can visit the FB page of City Shor or download the foodie app ‘TummyRats.’

-Nikita Dudani

The writer herself is an active member of the group; wanting to share the experiences of being Foodie!

At Goodies cafe

At Goodies cafe 

At Pepperazzi

At Pepperazzi

At Goodies Cafe

At Pepperazzi


Tejal said...

Superb...I love how crazy we are..

Nikita Dudani said...

Tejal: Exactly... From Day1 till present day and for rest of our lives, will remain crazy!!

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ds said...

Wooww keep it up Nikita... ;)
Dhawal Shah

Nikita Dudani said...

thank you :)

Nikita Dudani said...

thank you Dhawal.

Keep reading and commenting :)

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