Friday, December 31, 2010

Juvenile confusion

Everyone says that teenage is wonderful. Is it? I doubt so because, according to me, it is a confusing age. You are confused in selecting everything, be it your clothes or shoes, be it your career or vacation destination, and be it your friends or your love. We tend to get distracted easily, except studies everything in this world becomes so interesting to acknowledge about. 

We are at such a stage that we get flattered easily, swayed easily by false compliments, promises and fake people around. Result being: we tend to make and commit mistakes, some of being forgettable and non-punishable but some not. But, still we get to learn something from it, even if it means realizing it later and been pointed out by someone who is much more mature to us. 

Why is it so that at this point, we find outing with friends and watching movies important only for us? When I look at my elder brother, who is much more mature, through his eyes I realize that the world and its notions are so different. Why is that when I look at world from eyes of my parents or aunt’s and uncle’s, their notions and way of living are different? Why is it that all people, irrespective of their age, cannot think alike? Of course, minds do not function in similar way, but still they are so much focused and clear about what they want and teenagers aren’t. 

Why does life for us become difficult? We get easily involved with anyone and hurt easily and then, we keep crying forever.  We known what we want deep inside, but are unable to reach it or figure it out. I know, many of us teenagers won’t feel in the same way that I have mentioned about. But, still there are many who can touch cords with us. My simple and basic question remains same, why? Why do we face such crisis?

I haven’t been able to get an answer to all this stuff. So, all those who are reading this, my humble request to you is that I am  in last year of my teens and in desperate need of solution to crack this situation and need help. Please help me out!

- Nikita Dudani


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