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Writing is an expression through words - where your words expresses your mood, thought and angles. It is a stipulated form that has to be cherished and nurtured. For me, this form is of prior importance. I write not for sake of writing, but to let readers get the 'feel' of what they are reading. 

Whether it be a story, narration of incident, script, article or report; every type of writing is written very carefully; keeping the audience in mind.

For assignments in any of the field or any aspect of writing; you can contact at:


  • The charges are: 50 Paise for per word; i.e. for every 500 words, it will be Rs. 250. (If basic outline and raw material is available)
  • For fully researched article - that includes independent researching, surfing, reading and writing; the charges will vary as per the theme, story, angle and other aspects.
  • Minimum 5-6 working days will be liable for each work.

I also do poetry writing that a heart speaks and soul hears. For more details on it, please visit:


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