Friday, May 1, 2015

An Interaction with Shopezzy App Co-Founder, Mahesh Jakhetiya

‘SHOPEZZY APP’ is an app that is on a mission to enable people to do their grocery/needs shopping within 3 minutes over mobile. They will be able to Compare, Shop and Save at the same time from choicest of their retailer via Shopezzy Marketplace. Shopezzy has launched its first app in this step to enable offline shoppers move over to mobile aided shopping and is alternate to users normal shopping list routine.

The co-founder of the app, Mahesh Jakhetiya has been co-Founder of Ahoy! for past 4 years, which operated in B2B Space. He reckons that experience of working with Brands and Retailers in Ahoy! would come handy in ShopEZZY, as that'll allow him to create parallel revenue streams, and realize full potential of Shopezzy platform.

In an exclusive chat with Strokes of Pen, Mr. Mahesh shares his experiences, which motivated him to develop this app. Read the exclusive details here:

1.      What motivated you to construct ‘Shopezzy List App’?

MJ: As a married guy, I find grocery shopping very tiresome and weekend slayer. Plus the hassles of creating shopping lists, half of the times forgetting them at home, and when you take it along still miss some of the items from the list. Hence we created an app that can give you respite from that routine. Now lists could be created easily, shared on fly and you can even tick off the items that you’ve purchased, without forgetting anything. That’s what Shopezzy List app is all about in current avatar.
2.      Can you share the planning/ideas behind the name ‘Shopezzy?’

MJ: App that makes shopping easy – shopEZZY ( wasn’t available hence had to settle for

3.      In comparison to other shopping apps, how is Shopezzy different?

MJ: Shopezzy List is one of the first Shopping Planner app from & for India dedicated to Grocery / Needs. The treatment of Grocery Shopping experience is completely different from any of the prevailing Indian apps.

4.      What are the hits of this app?

MJ: Shopezzy List is inching towards 5000 downloads within 1st month of its launch. It was trending on No. 1 slot in 1st week in New Free App under shopping category.

5.      How much time did the app took in being completed?

MJ: App did took more than 3 months to complete.

6.     What were the challenges faced by you in creating this app and how did you overcame it?

MJ: We were extremely conscious of User experience hence we tried multiple flows and designs until we got the right one.

7.      How has the response been so far for the app?

MJ: Response has been fantastic, people are praising our work, and their lives are becoming easier – which is the perfect reward for our hard work.

8.     Were there any bugs or issues after it was released? If yes, how did you rectified it?

MJ: Only 2 Minor bugs were reported, which Team promptly fixed in the updated version. Other than that it has been running smoothly. Kudos to my development team.

9.     What are your plans with this app?

MJ: The plan is to make the app full fledged Marketplace for Grocery / needs. Consumer can buy all the supplies they need via this app  i.e. in addition to creating the list – user would be able to compare price of the cart, shop it from their choice of retailer and in the process save time and money.

10.  Anything you would like our readers to know.

MJ: At shopezzy our mission is to resolve all your grocery/needs shopping woes and help you #ClaimYourWeekendBack. For premium invite, Kindly register yourself on  OR download our app from


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