Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Tête-à-Tête with Makeup Artist, Shreya Chadha

Shreya Chadha, budding, young talented lifestyle makeup artist. She has a charisma and originality in her works that is ever growing and is establishing herself as an esteemed makeup artist. She prides herself on versatility and attention to detail finding her greatest inspiration in fashion lifestyle and bridal makeup.

She has an enduring passion for the arts. She has developed a love for the limitless nuances of lifestyle and bridal makeup along with hair styling. In an exclusive chat with Strokes of Pen, she shares her journey from dreaming to making it big in Fashion industry.

Q: How did the journey of make –up artist started for you?

Shreya: This beautiful journey started long back during my teens. My passion towards makeup drove me to take it up professionally. It was always in me but somehow i never took it seriously. I always thought of painting beautiful faces and enhancing their features. This is how my hobby and desire to create beautiful faces drove me into the world of makeup and glamour.

Q: Why did you choose it? Some idea or inspiration behind it?

Shreya: Makeup is a tool that makes a beautiful person look stunning. It is studied and is used to magnify the beauty that already exists. . The thought of perfecting the perfect drove me to study makeup.

Q: Tell us some of the famous or unique experiences you had in career so far.

Shreya: There have been many great experiences I have had in my career so far. There are many perks of being a Makeup Artist from travelling to learning different things each day..

Q: How do you strive to make your style unique and different from others?

Shreya: I always try to be original in whatever I do ..I follow my heart and satisfy my clients.  I empathize with them and handle their queries with patience . My main motive is making them happy and satisfied .The strive is to be original yet unique.

Q: What ideas or suggestions would you like to give to our amateur and budding artists reading this? 

Shreya: Few words that I would like to share with the budding Makeup Artists would be that they should wake with the determination to paint the world and go to bed with the satisfaction of having done it.

Q: Anything else you want to share with us.

Shreya: Keep working hard; keep your spirits high and ego low. Dream, dream, and dare to dream .This is the key to success.


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