Thursday, April 10, 2014

Elections – tough for candidates, tougher for common people

Elections are on its way. I believe, by the time I have uploaded this post, elections might be around corner or might have started. 

Nonetheless, some thoughts have been constantly wandering in my mind past many months. I have been trying to encapsulate them and narrow them into some way so that it can make sense. However, failing so, I choose to let them flow. Graciously, I would say I will be using, ‘stream of consciousness’ style while explaining what is disturbing me. Also, I would be mostly refraining myself from using names of parties or candidates directly.

To begin with, I am no fan of politics as such but yes, as a concerned citizen, I have every right to know, argue and to clear slightest doubts I have in mind as a voter.

It all started with the constant fight between two important parties. The fight is not new; they have been fighting for ages. But, suddenly, something wrong, I mean chain of wrong events happen under one ruling party and there is a greater havoc created by other parties than the public. Are they trying to show the failure of government or are they trying to praise themselves?

That question brings me to another point: in the quest of bringing another down and showing themselves as deserving party, are not all the parties being equal. How can I judge who is right or wrong or best if all the parties and candidates have same characteristics. They do have lot of promises to make and debate, but who can vouch for the damage that has happened in the name of development in any state of India? Most of the things are hidden under the blanket or carpet, so the common person cannot see.

That brings me to another worry, rather frustrating and annoying thing done by parties – advertisement! Really? Some years ago, I mean hardly 5 years ago, no government party was allowed to promote their doings in any manner whatsoever. It is kind of brain washing with all the advertisements and their amazing taglines. Are people really going to buy it? Yes, maybe they are. And, this I can surely guarantee because of the dozen of updates that I find when I log into my face book account. It seems that every other friend on my list is supporting some blessed party or critizing them. No offence intended, but, I really hope that people today; especially the youth can distinguish between real and fake.

Having said so I think that politics is a world in itself. Even the saintly person, who enters into this world with a hope of cleaning, resigns/retires after short period or change into another politician. I know that politics is one of the fields holding most of the power. And, power is given to whom? People who have charges of rape, murder, kidnapping and god knows what not?

And just because there is a candidate who belongs to a family of politicians or a candidate who has background of being mere waiter or an educated candidate – share equal rights to destroy and play with country’s future.

I know, sitting in my home and talking about politics and grumbling about is not going to change anything. But, how would a common man fight if he/she gets dozen of threats every day? How would a youth wanting to enter politics have to feel the pressure from all the parties including his? Will anyone listen to common person; without power? Is common person just a visual to be used in films, poetry and drama?

To take up the charge, one needs to be strong and need unbiased support from nation. A nation who is already corrupt, demoralized, poor and uneducated – how will it learn to walk by itself? Does it happen in other countries too? Because honestly speaking, I have never heard candidates or parties fighting to the extend as done here in USA or Uk or Russia or whatsoever country it maybe. I maybe wrong, as indicated earlier, that I am no fan of politics and have little information. But, I am really sadden by the way used today and I hope that future will be much better than present.

-Nikita Dudani


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