Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Opined: That Hanging Sock!!

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell... Christmas is on its way, Santa Claus is riding its reindeer and will put that gift in 'that hanging sock' if you had been good child throughout the year.

Similar or something on lines of it - is what we grew up to with. Santa will come and put in gifts. As a grown up – we understand that neither of the above thing is true. The Santa or gifts or reindeer. Then why is this story practiced?

To teach children to behave so that they can be good beings – but is that true? Can story or threat turn them into good human beings? Children’s minds are like a blank page. They learn and do what they see other grown up doing. So, if a child turns to be a goon, thug – can we hold parents responsible? 

No, that wouldn’t be true either. The reality is that children are part of us but we cannot dominate or sway their path. Parents are guardians and teachers who walk around children to ensure they are safe and they learn good habits. However, what is going inside a child mind cannot be read or judged. In fact, when a person mind gets twisted - is unpredictable – be child or adult.

Some people are strong enough to retain a stable mind – it might not be same for others. One incident or event is enough to change one’s mind. 

Instead of false stories or preaching’s – what could work is to let children take their own course. Stories such as fairytales, Santa Claus or any other myth just reinforce old customs. In fact, looked even more closely, the steps to bribe begins at home. In order to make children work hard or to behave – we give them bribe of gifts, clothes, chocolates and other things. So are we really doing well?

Let children select what is good or bad. We often think that children do not have understanding hence, we have to teach them. While, the case is just the opposite. Children – are more pure, truthful than any other grown up being. They judge people by their behavior and not by what they are or can be!


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