Friday, November 22, 2013

Women seek man who resembles their father...

According to a new study; women tend to fall for men who resemble their father. Does it actually state facts or re-incorporate the beliefs already set? 

A recent research has claimed that women go for men who look like their fathers. Though it is yet to prove its hold on human beings, it suggests that the study conducted on animals has proved it.  An interesting fact, which it suggests, is that the research can be applied to humans as they are close to animals. 

The first thing that struck me after reading its excerpts was how easily, and without considering the aspects of these two varied species - humans and animals - they suggested such a strong belief. Humans might have evolved from apes – no doubt in that. But is this valuable enough to support this belief? 

Besides, if looked and analyzed closely, this research may not be the only one based on belief of women going after men who resemble their fathers, as it is very much grounded in literature itself. Oedipus complex - if we remember it? 

For all those, who are not aware of it, a short briefing would be – it is a complex theory that denotes the emotions and ideas that the mind keeps in the unconscious that concentrates upon a child's desire to sexually possess the parent of the opposite sex; males attracted to their mothers and females to their fathers. This theory has its roots in Theban plays of Athenian tragedy by Sophocles. Oedipus Rex - the king, who is destined to kill his own father and marry his mother, and who eventually pokes out his eyes after realizing his heinous crime. 

This myth, as I call it, later developed in psychology as Oedipus Complex. Not everyone suffers from it but many do. However, this would be a straight shock to today’s generation, especially for those, who have not even possibly heard about this concept. They might fail to understand it. 
But from the point of view of today’s youngsters, the explanation for above phenomena or research can simply be?   Because a child is close to her/his father/mother and looks up to them as pillars of his/her life. 

A daughter seeking out a husband who resembles her father could be because she believes and knows that there is one person in the whole world who would never hurt her, no matter what. It is always going to be the father who will treat her daughter as princess and she would know she can always trust her – if all these points are to be kept in mind; then the research is apt.  Yet, there are many girls who would not agree to this. 
Personally, knowing some of them I can confidently say they would not prefer or would ever agree with this research. Every house has a different story – for them a ‘father’ image has always been associated with authority, restriction and dominance. And, then there are few, who would appreciate to see partial qualities being present and lot deleted in the man, they date. 

Irrespective of theories established, literary works written and varied beliefs, the genes we inherit and the ambience we are brought in affects our every move and thinking capacity. Hence, one man’s meat is another man’s poison!

Inputs from: Rupita Bhattacharya and Ruby Tekeriwala

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