Thursday, October 17, 2013

Girl’s love for Cosmetics can never be understood!

We make it; we use it, play with it, store it, are possessive about it and will never share it with any other girl.

Girl’s obsession for cosmetics – can never be understood by men. What remains in a girl’s closet; is a mystery that even scientists won’t be able to discover, ever! It is a secret – best not to be revealed. But, today, by  playing a spoilsport, let us try to spill out the beans– for those who are keen to know what makes a girl so choosy, moody and above all, beautiful.

In all the shopping we ever do – clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and cosmetics – we endure and vision dream world – a world where everything is bright and colorful and chirpy like us and like things we shop!

Especially cosmetics – they are there to brighten up and sizzle up our lives with the shinning, luminous and glittering products. One look and we are swooned by it. Our never ending quest for the best and affordable products leads us to shop continuously, without a break; declaring and proving ourselves as ‘shopaholics’, ‘fashion vistas’, ‘spender’ and other synonyms; which, burns a huge hole in our guys’/brother’s/friend/husband/father’s pocket. But, we do not mind it!

When people roll their heads over our beauty – o yes, we love it! When someone comments on our personality – hell, we love it! One feels the way they look. And, we definitely see ourselves from other’s eyes.

Those lovely big, playful eyes – submerged in Kajal, Kohl, eye liner, eye shadow and mascara – illuminate more – when someone playfully or lovingly looks into them and gets swooned over it.

That nose – which just got splashed by some moisturizer, compact powder and maybe, nose ring – looks like a brand new glittering colored house.  It sparkles like houses do after they painted.

What can I say about lips? They are capable of capturing and captivating millions hearts by just a spreader smile. Yet, when a dash of hot red or soft pink blows in with carefully lip linear – OMG! They are irresistible.

Not forgetting those lovely decorated ears, those rosy cheeks, and that simmer on our faces – make us gorgeous; above all- confident.

Our confidence is because of the way people perceive us rather than we perceive ourselves. We are beautiful – we know it, but, when people affirm it further – we absolutely believe it. We love to look good; actually best from the others. It is not a competition but still a competitive road – where we involuntarily or voluntarily jump in.

Older generation says that a girl must look good for her beau. We do not know how true that is, but yes, when we get dressed up – we want to look perfect for our special person. When we are with him; all we want is his entire attention – for that if make-up & cosmetics is a competition or race to be won – we will, without hesitation.

There is no particular reason behind our craze but a million rumors. Irrespective of all the speculations – all we know is that we love looking good because we nourish one motto ‘Look Good, Feel Good and Be Good!’


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