Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Writing and writers- Neglected or accepted?

Which is the first thought that crosses your mind when someone utters the word, ‘writer?’ Is it the person across is an author - a novelist or a poet? Or something else?

No, none of these.

In fact, the first impression, which the people get, is “Oh! A writer? Is he/she? Must have wasted money on some course or maybe, would not be intelligent like our kid to do an MBBS or Engineering."

Living in a world that is ruled by money-minded professionals, soft options like writing, painting, drawing, photography, handicrafts and other such professions are shunned by the society. Their value is equivalent to zero when compared with other high-profile job prospects.

One has to struggle a lot and needs strength to go ahead and establish him/her in such professions. Being a writer myself, I can say that the word ‘novelist’ or ‘poet’ may sound appealing or glamorous but the true story is opposite.

In the interviews, when I am asked about my experience in writing, I proudly produce my stories and poems, only to get a cold response from the interviewers. And, I am left wondering what kind of experience they want.

Sad as it may sound, but, in reality, writers all over India, especially in Gujarat where the reading habit is low, forget about writing. In such a crisis, where people refuse to acknowledge a person's skills, writers are left with no scope to develop a firm career in it. Even the students, who start as budding writers, opt for jobs that are more lucrative where they are more acceptable and respected than being a writer.

Speaking about professional writers, who blog or freelance, they are not paid well compared to the quality and content of their writings. The clients want the work of the writers to be genuine, grammatically correct, with proper punctuation, and which should meet their standards and deadlines, but are not ready to pay for it. The question being: "Why? Are freelancer's not working?"

What people fail to understand is that writing like any other job, is hectic. It requires a lot of effort, reading and researching, writing, editing and much more. Yes, with content writers' vacancies mushrooming up everywhere, writing opportunities have boosted up. But, again, most of the writing is related to IT sector, which involves precise detail minus the creativity, which is the base of writing.

Still, it provides some scope and future to writers. Seeing this opportunity on brighter side, I hope that in coming future; writers would get their due credit and acknowledgment. With this dream in mind, I keep writing, creating, and hoping!

-Nikita Dudani


P V Ariel said...

Hi Good to be here,
I appreciate your anguish in getting an audience or response from the readers, this is the case with most of the writers especially in our land of India. But take the case of most of the reputed or well known writers today, they never put a full stop to their writings because of this, instead they continued, and continued and at last they all found a favorable platform or audience. Yeah the freelancers especially the web writers generally do not get their due which is due unto them, but that should not discourage us but instead do continue to write whatever comes to you mind write on definitely there will be somebody to encourage and help you out. Yes, you almost said this in your concluding para.
Keep Going
Keep inform
Philip Ariel
PS: Hey, another problem i noticed here is that the word verification here, pl. remove this, this you can do it by visiting your dashboard's settings page. This really get irritate your readers. so pl remove this to get more comments. Thanks Phil

Nikita Dudani said...

Hello Philip,

Thank you for your encouragement and kind words. Also, thank you for your suggestion. I have implemented them. And like you said, 'to keep writing' should be our motto to make our mark.

Do keep coming back & keep commenting to help me boost up my skills. :)

Nikita Dudani

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