Friday, June 21, 2013

Why impress?

Impress a small word with lot of complications. Most of us, try to impress people to gain their attention or favour. But, have we ever stopped ourselves and thought why, why do we so?

It maybe not a conscious thought but for one reason or the other, we end up doing so. I am not exception. At certain point of time, even I did it. Only to realize later, that what was the whole point? No matter whosoever we may try to impress, a crush, classmate, professor, friend or any relative, they all will always behave the way they want to.

They will believe and judge people not by what they are but by what other have to say. No matter how horrid it may sound, it is bitter truth of life. Irrespective of good or bad, people will always comment, will judge, and will spread rumours hurting your image and identity.

In such crisis, the only thing that speaks is your work. Whatever work you do: a fresher, a part-time employee at any café or office or fully-fledged employee under work pressure. Let your action speak. Prove yourself. Eventually, your work will shed away the rumours that surround you. People who actually love you for what you are will always be by you. They will always be by your side.

-Nikita Dudani


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