Friday, March 29, 2013


[Those meant to stay in life, stay, not being visible all the times, not being approachable at times; but they are always there. Like a shadow, they follow you, without making their presence felt. They are like the breadth, one always take, but without acknowledging it. Those, who are never meant to be part of life, will always break away, no matter how hard you try to hold them.]

An accident changed her course of life. She had waited all long for this miracle. Call it a destiny or call it coincidence that accident was meant to happen. Her life had major vicissitudes, had fluctuated, had given her reasons to hate life completely, but she carried on to an unknown destination. What was she looking for, no one knew. She went to the roads unknown, paths unpaved; only to face dejection. Where was her life leading her, she had no clue.

She just went with the winds, to deepest and darkest tunnels and dungeons of life in search of a light. To search for something that could give meaning to her life. Carrying a damaged heart, mind and body, she had questions mushrooming in her mind, demanding answer, a justice to her unfair life. What had she done to receive such fatal life? A lonely, depressed life.

Her never-ending quest to blow life into her once again, to make her human again, came to an unexpected solution. It was there, between chilly breeze and notorious mountains, that she seeks it. On the verge of breaking after turmoil and twists-turns, she accidently bumped into it. It was not a thing that she could tie around her neck or decorate her hair with. It was not jewel that she could treasure or bury with her.

It was a living being. That living being did not laugh at her, or mocked at her difficulties. That living being was with her to look deeply at her pain and tried to erase it off. Far from her origins, a creature opposite to her, understood the grief, the sadness, the loneliness within her. It was like a shooting star, which fell in her hands. She had not even vision it coming, had she; she would have changed her course. Now, she was with ‘it’ (as she preferred to call that living being). What was she going to do, take it with her? Or stay there forever to be with ‘it.’ she had no idea. Her head was piling up with lot of doubts of ‘its’ constant companionship or one more scar to remember forever.

She needed ‘it’, she knew that. But, must she? How can she accept ‘it’?

‘It’ saw her confusion; it understood her doubts and all troubles and promised to keep them away. For ‘it’ had no interest in them. ‘It’ gave her time to leave and come. To go and completed her task and to return back, if she did not found anyone better than that living being. Filled with lot of confusion, she took off to her unknown journey and finally naming ‘it’ as ‘serendipity- a truly happy accident that changed her.’

As now, she leaves for her quest with more liveliness, more confidence, happiness knowing that ‘it’ or her ‘serendipity’ would be there, waiting for her always.

- Nikita Dudani


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