Thursday, November 22, 2012

On being lonely...

Some people love to stay alone. Some like crowds. Some hangout but are reserved personalities. Some have many friends yet they are alone. Then, there are some, who enjoy, have group, go out at times but stay lonely for most of the time.

Having best friends does matter. You share, enjoy, talk and behave like maniacs. Still, at times when you actually need someone, you are all alone. Friends raise your spirits and brighten your moods yet only ‘friends’ cannot complete affection, love, care you need to satisfy yourself.

Being in and out of a relationship is just like changing your wardrobe every month. Most of us are not even serious about them. The true worth of having a life partner, companion is only realized when you are lonely. Loneliness is the biggest punishment that can ever be given to someone. It crumbles you down. It makes you what you not are. It fills makes you pessimistic, fills you with jealousy and leaves a deep need of ‘want’ in you. No matter how much you smile, laugh or pretend to do so, you start hating everyone around you.

You are filled with irrelevant things, which spoil your mood and kills you every minute. Sudden issues mushroom up and the worst part is that you cannot even share it with your best friends. It does not end there. Even the songs you like become a thorn in your heart. The movies you enjoyed become unbearable to watch. Every second of your life, pass away in thinking about your dreams, wants and needs. They suddenly pile up and make your life a hell. The more you sit lonely, the more your wants and needs deepen. You have to try hard to stay sane because loneliness, my friends, works like a slow poison. It kills your aim, goal and aspiration and changes you into a walking psycho.

- Nikita Dudani


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