Sunday, March 13, 2011

Faith reloded!!

Walking along with world, trying to make an identity, an impression among people; what we tend to do is not always justified. Fame, money, happiness is desired by all, but on what on grounds? On what bets? Have we ever stopped to think about it?

Failing relationships, increasing tension and distance among family members, lack of trust, high ability of suspicion; we all are surrounded by it, in every part of our life. Then, what is the factor which still keeps our hope of love, humanity, goodness and happiness alive? Only one word- FAITH!
Today, we are so busy that, we don’t even have time to stop for a minute and pray to god or thank him/her for their beautiful gift- Life! Praying does help, it cleans our body, eradicate our evil ideas, fill us with new hope and ideas for life.

I know all those who are reading it and have faith; might be able to strike a cord or two based on their own experiences. And all those, who are atheistic; I can only wish that they might feel the blessings of god.  By that I doesn’t mean or force them to believe in the ultimate power; because as they say- “GOD RESIDES IN ALL HUMAN BEINGS.” Then, their inner force, their inner voice is there main support. And they should keep believing in that.

God will never come and say that worship me!! He/she will only send signals; those mystic and mysterious signals; which we would have never thought off. This is what god’s grace is! It can be only felt; when you believe in it, and can identify his signals and silence. Start scanning the place around you, there’s little surprise and grace hidden. In everything, because God has created us- the most beautiful possession of his. Whatever he/she will do, would be for our benefit only. Believe it or not, the consequences will be there in front of, might be late, but would be there.

As they say, “god help those who help themselves.”  Believe in yourself, stand for your rights, fight for yourself and you will fell god walking with you.

May God bless you all!!! Amen!!

- Nikita Dudani


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